About SpoonStack

SpoonStack is a collective effort of disabled, queer, neuro-beautiful, and otherwise marginalized people.

Our goal is to approach the creation of digital technology - apps, games, social communities, and more - in a fundamentally new way.

We don't just want to make things ourselves, though; we want to share the ability to create with everyone.

SpoonStack was founded in the beginning of 2023 to bring Disability-Driven Development to the world.

Our Current Staff:

  • Amelia (she/her)

    I left a 20-year career in software development at the end of 2022, exhausted from two decades of fighting to try and improve things "from the inside." Disillusioned with the pervasive racism, sexism, ableism, and other discrimination and oppression rampant in the "tech" world, I set out to begin the Disability-Driven Development initiative, and started SpoonStack as a gathering place for my technological projects. I also write (about quite a few things!) over on my blog at Starship Gender.

    You can find me on Mastodon at @mordremoth@lgbt.io

Read more about our philosophy and strategy in our essay collection.